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Just arrived outside your door Stripped for action on your patio Dripping wet and getting hot Ready for fucking

Atlanta...try Ponce De Leon between Monroe and N Highland or Stewart Ave in the vicinity of some of the strip clubs....not much on Peachtree. BTW, what's "cheap"? Why risk disease and cops for a crack house quicky for 40 or 50 (I've done it...I know!)

Sunday is pretty dead ... I did luck up and met a young (20 yrs) white girl named "Michelle". This was in the same vicinity as the prior night. Once again I came off $100 bucks and she joined me in my room ... She's quite nice ... long blonde hair, very slender, with nice C cup breasts and clean ... She's only been out there 3 weeks ... just got in from LA ... Take some time and talk to her, as it does make a difference ... I showed her some of the reviews from the Website ... she got a kick out of this!

Said she'd have to get a pager so she could let you guys know how to get in touch with her.

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